Google’s mystery barge is on the move. But what is it for?

Google’s mystery barge, which appeared outside San Francisco in October 2013, is on the move after being ordered to leave Treasure Island at San Francisco.

The three storey barge, constructed from shipping containers, will anchor at Stockton, about 80 miles East of San Francisco on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta.

The port of Stockton is outside the jurisdiction of the authorities that ordered the barge to leave Treasure Island, where it was not authorised by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and was the subject of many complaints.

Speculation as to what the barge could be used for has proliferated online. It is one of several barges owned by Google. Ideas include the company using the barges as aquatic exhibition stores for Google glass products, as huge floating data centres, or as vast party boats. The company has said that the barge leaving San Francisco will become “an interactive technology centre”. wonders whether the barges could become Google’s future administrative centres. Being mobile, the company may be able to use them to locate their company in international waters where no tax rules apply.

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