Google under threat as advertisers walk out

Tech giant faces new obstacles

Tech giant Google is facing backlash from the advertising industry and the government over its plans to stop ads being placed next to extremist material.

A huge list of big-name companies, advertising firms and government departments have either pulled their adverts from Google and its YouTube video site or are considering to do so. Among these are Sky, Vodafone and a number of banks.

Matt Brittin, Google’s European boss, is likely to face a lot questions at the annual Advertising Week Europe event this week at which he is speaking.

Sources told the Guardian that Brittin will be grilled on how adverts for major brands ended up attached to videos by extremists, including hate preachers and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

The ads help fund payments to the people who post the videos, with every 1,000 clicks worth about £6.

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