Google could be set for massive $6bn fine

Search giant Google could be in line for a $6bn fine in an anti-trust row with the European Commisson over rigged search results.

The EC’s competition commissioner, Joaquín Almunia, said Google could be in for a fine of up to 10% of its worldwide revenue – roughly $6bn – in a case bigger even than Microsoft’s famous anti-trust suit.

Google is being investigated for rigging its search results in its own favour, and its Android operating system may be looked into too.

The legal wranglings have seen a four-year probe into Google, which could be merely the start, according to Almunia.

He told the European parliament: “Microsoft was investigated [for] 16 years, which is four times as much as the Google investigation has taken, and there are more problems with Google than there were with Microsoft,” he said.

“During this [five year] legislative term we will continue to talk about Google… and your colleagues will continue to do so in the next legislative term.”

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