Facebook turns 10: 12 stonking stats about the world's largest social network

Did you know Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world?

It’s been used to rewrite Iceland’s constitution and attracted users equal to India’s population.

In 10 years, Facebook has become the world’s largest social network.

It’s had its share of likes and pokes for everything from changing its privacy policy gazillion times to being blamed to selling access to users. But revenues are up 63% in the fourth quarter and made its 29-year-old founder Mark Zuckerberg the the world’s youngest billionaire.

So here are 12 facts you should know about the world’s largest social network:

1. $150bn: The net worth of the social network. It’s now bigger than the entire GDP of Hungary of $125.5bn

2. $33.8bn: Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth, he is the world’s youngest billionaire

3. $18.4bn: Raised by IPO in 2012

4. $7.87bn: Revenues for last financial year

5. $1.5bn: Profits for last financial year

6. $1bn: What Yahoo! offered Zuckerberg for Facebook in 2006

7. 1.23 billion: Total number of users – that’s equal to India’s population

8. 3.4 trillion: The number of times the “like” button has been hit

9. 81 million: Number of fake Facebook profiles

10. 757 million: Daily users

11. 945 million: Mobile users

12. 2 million: Friends requested every 20 minutes

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