Facebook goes back on its “real name” policy… sort of

The social network brings in new rules

Do you use a fake name on Facebook? Probably not. There aren’t many left on the platform these days after Facebook took to clamping down on them big style in recent years.

Facebook has been stringent in enforcing the rules - so much so, in fact, that one woman was forced to legally change her name to Jemmaroid von Laalaa to access her Facebook account.

The problems with being forced to use your “real” name on Facebook are varied and occasionally life threatening.

For example, domestic violence victims might use a different name to stop themselves being targeted by an attacker.

It seems that Facebook has finally acknowledged there might be a problem.

The company said it was “firmly committed” to the policy.

“However, after hearing feedback from our community, we recognize that it’s also important that this policy works for everyone, especially for communities who are marginalized or face discrimination. That’s why we’re continuing to make improvements in this area,” Facebook said in a blog post.

Facebook is making it harder for people to report a fake name, as now they will have to go through several steps and provide more information as to why they are reporting a name.

Also, the company has made it easier for people to add context to their name

“These tools have been built based on many conversations with community leaders and safety organizations around the world,” Facebook said.

“People can let us know they have a special circumstance, and then give us more information about their unique situation. This additional information will help our review teams better understand the situation so they can provide more personalized support. This information will also help inform potential improvements we can make in the future,” the company added.

We assume Jemmaroid will be pleased.



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