EU to set out “statement of objections” against Google

Company could face fines and restructuring in Europe

The European Union is expected to set out a “statement of objections” against Google today, following a five year investigation into the company.

The EU competition commissioner investigated the company after complaints that Google, which accounts for 90% of EU-based web searches, favours its own products in search results.

The allegations were made by a number of companies in 2010, including Microsoft, Tripadvisor and Streetmap.

According to the BBC, the companies object to Google searches favouring YouTube videos and music, Google+ reviews, and directions from Google maps, rather than relevant results from competitors.  

The company could face a large fine, and be instructed to re-work its business in Europe if the charges are upheld.

Google is yet to issue a statement on the commission’s findings, but the company told employees on Tuesday that it had “a very strong case”, indicating that it has prepared a formidable defence.

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