Cyber crime wave: 1 in 4 UK companies attacked since 2014

But companies are failing to plan response strategies

Cyber crime is booming in the UK, with an estimated one in four firms having been affected over the last two years.

Almost half (44%) of all crimes companies experience are now executed electronically.

A report by PwC indicated that the problem is forecast to become even more severe over the next two years.

According to the report the main proponents of electronic crimes are organised crime groups, state-sponsored saboteurs and politically motivated “hacktivists”.

Over 70% of British companies think the risk of cyber attack has increased over the last two years, but the study showed that a third of companies do not have a plan for how to respond to an attack.

Mark Anderson of PwC said:  “Cyber crime is now a board level risk issue but not enough UK companies treat it that way.”

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