Curved TVs are next big thing, but Michael Bay isn’t sure why

If there’s one thing that ruins a good television programme, it’s the inability to have your television screen bend itself to various levels of concavity.

That is all set to change thanks to Samsung. The company has unveiled a mighty 85 inch flexible television screen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The prototype allows users to adjust the curvature of its screen via remote control.

In addition, LG, also announced a smaller, 77 inch bendable television of its own. The two firms have suggested that a curved screen can enhance the viewing experience.

However, many industry experts are not convinced there is a requirement for such additional technology.

Speaking to the BBC, Martin Garner, a TV tech consultant from CCS Insight who was attending the CES said: “The challenge for the firms is to demonstrate that the world really needs this.”

“They are, however, a nice attempt at differentiation.”

Will Findlater, global online editor for Stuff Magazine, also said to the BBC: “The jury is still very much out on whether curved displays make much difference to image quality and the experience you have when watching a TV. At this stage it does feel like a bit of a gimmick.”


Both LG and Samsung were also showcasing giant fixed versions of their new curved screen televisions.

Samsung’s demonstration of their goliath 105 inch goggle box went amusingly awry when Transformers director Michael Bay lost his place reading an autocue. The Hollywood millionaire initially said “I’ll just wing this”, but soon finding himself speechless when asked what he thought about the new television, apologised and made an excruciating exit.

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