Check out Google's new smartphone and tablet ahead of launch of Lollipop operating system

Google is set to roll out the fifth incarnation of its Android operating system tomorrow. Named Lollipop, the system has been designed to appeal to businesses.

The company says the update is “a quantum leap forward”, with new features and functions.

Lollipop engineering chief, Hiroshi Lockheimer, said to the BBC that among his team’s goals was making Android more appealing to the business sector.

“We’ve made a concerted effort around focusing on the enterprise-use case,” he said.

“If you think about it most people only carry one device.

“The one device that they carry [should] work for various scenarios in their life - obviously for personal use, but also if they want to use it for corporate purposes.

“We wanted to make sure that Lollipop is designed in such way that corporations are happy to endorse it.”

Android has an 84.7% share of global smartphone shipments, according to research company IDC, while iOS, the Apple smartphone operating system, has just 11.7%.

New devices

Google has also unveiled three new “Nexus” branded devices which run on the Lollipop software.

Google’s latest smartphone, the Nexus 6, is made by Motorola and features a 6 inch screen and a battery that can be part-charged to give up to 6 hours life from just 15 minutes charging.

Nexus smartphone

These are also a TV set-top box and a tablet computer.

Google nexus Lollipop big

The set-top box is called the Nexus Player and allows users to buy films or TV programmes via Google Play.

Nexus Player

Google previously made an unsuccessful foray into the world of set-top boxes before with Google TV. But speaking to the BBC, Lockheimer said: “On Google TV you could get a lot of apps, but a lot of the versions were just big tablet versions on a 50in screen that just didn’t feel right.

“[Now] we’re much more opinionated about what an app should look like on a TV set, so we’ve been working very closely with app developers in the TV and content space over the past months on optimising their applications.

“You’ll see a much more focused set of applications that are higher quality.”

Google has also announced tie-ups with Sony, Sharp and Philips that will see the Google technology installed directly into new TV sets, and said that other manufacturers are to be announced shortly.

The tablet offering, the Nexus 9, is an 8.9inch device made by HTC, and will be sold alongside options for integrated keyboards/cases, similar to Microsoft’s Surface offering.

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