Broadband down: Millions suffer internet outage as BT broadband collapses

Worst network failure in years hits BT customers

BT is on the ropes after the firm’s customers endured one of the worst broadband outages ever. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and many businesses, including London Loves Business, have been affected by the failure which began on Tuesday at 2.42pm.

BT said it had suffered a “major equipment failure” in one of its routers in London, which then affected customers across the whole country.

The outage has been described as the biggest and most widespread network failure in years.

According to BT, service was beginning to be restored by 3.44pm, and most customers were able to go back online within two hours.

The outage could not have come at a worse time for BT.

The company is already under significant pressure from the government to sell off parts of the business due to concerns it has a monopoly in the communications market.

A recent report highlighted the extent of state subsidies for the company - £1.7bn, which had then failed to deliver the minimum internet connection speeds required by Ofcom.

BT chief executive Gavin Patterson described the report as “biased and inaccurate”, and said: “We have the best prices, the highest coverage, and highest take-up of superfast broadband in any of the big European markets.”

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