Broadband, current accounts and mortgages are hardest products to switch

New report shows

The annual “Switching Report” from reveals that broadband, current accounts and mortgages are the products that customers find the most difficult to switch. 

Over 1,150 consumers who have shopped around for financial services and utility products in the last 12 months were asked about their experience.  Changing home (88 per cent) and car insurance (86 per cent) and, gas and electricity supplier (79 per cent) were voted as the easiest switches.  

For the third consecutive year, mortgages were considered the most difficult product to switch with only 45 per cent of people saying that the process had been straightforward. 

Rank in 2017Product switched‘Was it easy to switch?’
1Home insurance88 per cent84 per cent90 per cent90 per cent
2Car insurance86 per cent82 per cent88 per cent84 per cent
3Energy provider79 per cent76 per cent75 per cent75 per cent
4ISA or savings account76 per cent78 per cent78 per cent79 per cent
5Credit card76 per cent76 per cent82 per cent83 per cent
6Mobile phone provider72 per cent68 per cent70 per cent72 per cent
7Land line-telephone71 per cent68 per cent78 per cent80 per cent
8Bank account (current account)67 per cent73 per cent75 per cent77 per cent
9Broadband provider65 per cent69 per cent72 per cent68 per cent
10Mortgage45 per cent61 per cent59 per cent70 per cent

Commenting on the research Matt Sanders from said, “Some products are clearly easier to switch than others.  But it is also true to say that some providers and sectors have embraced switching more than others.  The banking and telecommunications industries clearly still have work to do to recognise consumers’ right to switch and find a better deal.”

“New tougher mortgage lending rules introduced in 2014, which changed the way lenders assess the affordability of mortgage loans probably, in part, account for mortgages being considered the hardest product to switch.  Affordability criteria now takes account of a would-be borrower’s overall financial health as well as their earnings – adding to the complexity of the re-mortgaging process and the amount of information required.

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