Bitcoin Burger? East London burger bar accepts Bitcoin payments

Burger Bear Bitcoin Burger

Ryan Holder buys UK’s first Bitcoin burger. Photo: Coindesk

Burger Bear, a street food vendor in east London, has become one of the first British companies to accept Bitcoin as currency and lays claim to selling the UK’s first Bitcoin Burger.

The first burger was sold for 0.0131 BTC, which is currently worth about £7.50.

Since the first sale, which was made last week to developer and long-time user of Bitcoin, Ryan Holder, the stall has seen huge levels of interest from other people who want to spend their virtual currency.

Burger Bear founder, Tom Reaney, who set up the street food stall near Old Street Roundabout in 2012, said:  “Many people from the technology scene are really keen to make transactions. I’ve got people from all around the world now wanting to buy my burgers. There aren’t many things you can physically spend your coins on so people want to come and play with their imaginary money.”

Reaney became interested in Bitcoin earlier this year, and bought a Bitcoin for around $100 (£61). Since then, the value of the virtual currency has soared, making obtaining it a shrewd move.

Customers wishing to purchase a burger with Bitcoin conduct the entire transaction using mobile devices. Using a Bitcoin digital wallet, they scan Burger Bear’s QR code and transfer payment.

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