Bad to worse: 11 million Ashley Madison passwords cracked

Affairs website users could be at risk if passwords are published

The passwords of more than 11 million users of the Ashley Madison affairs website have been cracked by a group of computer password crackers.

Hackers originally stole the details of over 30 million members of the site, but it was initially thought the passwords were encrypted too effectively to be cracked.

However, a password cracking group has now claimed that software updates to the Ashley Madison site meant that 11 million passwords were more poorly encrypted, and that they have successfully cracked them.

The group which worked out how the passwords could be cracked, and who call themselves Cynosure Prime, said they would not be publishing the cracked passwords so as to protect end users.

However, they detailed how it was done, and it is feared that their techniques could be replicated by criminal gangs.

The cracked passwords could expose the users to serious security breaches as credit card details were among the data.

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