Bad day for Apple as market share shrinks

Apple’s share of the global tablet market has fallen from two thirds to around 50% in the last six months, researchers claimed yesterday.

While the iPad Mini has performed well almost selling out within weeks, the California-based company has had trouble pushing the new line of its larger tablet.

Google’s Android smartphone operating tablet had begun to catch up with Apple, analysts at global marketing intelligence firm IDC said.

After a slow start, tablets using Google’s free Android platform have put “a sizeable dent”.

Apple still managed to sell three million iPads in just three weeks following the late September iPad Mini launch. The figure was double the sales of the last iPad launch back in March, Apple said.

While Apple’s global market share has fallen, Samsung has grown its presence from 6.5% to 18.4% in the last year.

Apple’s US court case against Google was also dismissed yesterday. Apple had sued Google’s Motorola for excessively high prices for the use of its patents, with Google’s Motorola demanding a 2.25% share of all Apple products using the copyrighted software. Apple initially said they were not willing to pay more than ($1) £0.60 for a device.

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