Are skin implants the next form of wearable tech? One company is already doing it

Goodbye lanyards

Imagine tapping in with your Oyster card, but instead of a card it’s just a chip under your skin.

Could this be the future of tech in the UK? It’s actually the present for one company in Stockholm.

Under the skin microchips are not new technology as such – we’ve been chipping our pets for some time – but there’s something slightly Big Brothery about doing it to people.

Nevertheless, Epicenter, a Swedish co-working space, has started a programme of chipping people who work there, effectively turning them into human key fobs.

Employees can then also use the microchips, which are inserted by professional piercers under the skin on the back of their hand, for the gym and to get discounts in shops.

It’s completely voluntary and less than 20% of the 250 people working there are using it – but the trial has had a lot of interest from other companies, and even the military, reports Bloomberg Business.

There are a lot of privacy implications for this type of technology but, that aside, it beats forgetting your keys.


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