Apple of our i: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and new Apple Watch - in pictures

Apple’s new telephones and watch have now been officially recognised as existing.

At an event in Cupertino, California, Apple chief executive Tim Cook launched the glittering new hardware in front of a relatively small audience, but under the glare of the world’s media.

Apple event

Apple claims that the two new iPhones’ screens are “the best displays in the industry”.

iphone 6 released 2

The new telephones are also slightly thinner. Apple has shaved 0.7mm from the iPhone 6 in comparison to the iPhone 5s, and even the larger iPhone 6 Plus (the bigger one) is actually thinner than the old 5s. How much thinner? A space-saving 0.5mm.

iphone thicknesses

Apple says the iPhone 6 is 50% faster than the original iPhone. This makes it better for games. With the bigger screens you’ll also be able to see the action more clearly.

iphone screen sizes

Apple event 3

At the launch event in Cupertino a representative from the hilariously named gaming company Super Evil Megacorp takes to the stage to give a demonstration of the telephone’s gaming potential.

iPhone 6 camera

The camera has had an upgrade too with the iPhone 6 featuring an 8 mega-pixel camera.

iPhone price list

iPrices. The iPhone 5c doesn’t look like too bad a deal.

Watch out

In addition to two larger telephones Apple has entered the “wearable tech” market with the unveiling of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2

Apple watch 3

The watch has customisable straps! You can also select various displays for the watch.

Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch has a rotating gizmo on the side that doubles up as a button. It allows users to scroll up and down and zoom in and out of the watch’s small display. Apple is calling it the Digital Crown.

Apple U2

Oh and Bono and the U2 gang played music at the event because they have been collaborating with Apple for ten years now.

Apple U2 2

The band and Apple are giving away U2’s latest album for free to iTunes Store customers, meaning that more than half a billion people instantly own it. Everybody likes U2 right?

Apple watches on sticks

After the event finished, guests were able to examine the goods with their hands.

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