Apple announces new iPhone, iPad, iOS… and a robot called Liam

Here’s a roundup of what you missed from Apple’s announcement

If you couldn’t make it to Cupertino, California, or you didn’t fancy spending your evening glued to the webcast of Apple’s latest product announcement, we don’t blame you.

And it just so happened that we watched the announcement so you don’t have to.

Here’s what was unveiled:

iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

As rumoured, the latest handset in the iPhone family is called the iPhone SE and will be on sale at £359 from 31 March. Apple says it looks like the iPhone 5, with a similar size and shape – including the 4-inch screen –but is as powerful as an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

iPad Pro

The newest iPad pro is much smaller than its predecessor at 9.7 inches. It’s also a significant upgrade on last September’s 12.9-inch version of the Pro, with a pressure sensitive display and four corner-mounted speakers. It also comes with an Apple Pencil and is available in rose gold – a first for the iPad. The iPad Pro will be available to order on 24 March and will go on sale on 31 March at a price of £499.

Apple Watch

While the Apple Watch wasn’t technically upgraded in the announcement, it was revealed the price will be slashed by £50 to £259, and a range of new straps is available, including woven nylon.

Apple TV

If you’ve ever wanted to combine the supreme listening power of Siri with the TV watching experience of Apple TV, now you can. Apple announced Siri dictation, Siri for the App store and Photo Stream.

iOS 9.3

One of the biggest bugbears of using a phone before bed is that you can lie there for hours unable to sleep, as the blue light disrupts your sleeping patterns. Apple now has a solution (outside of the third party apps that many people use) and it’s available to your device right now. It’s called Night Shift mode and gives your phone an orange tone.

There are also some bug fixes, as usual, and updates to popular apps such as Notes, News, Health and Apple Music.


What was slightly unusual in yesterday’s announcement was that Apple introduced a new piece of tech which isn’t for sale – a robot called Liam. Liam is designed to take old iPhones apart so some of their components can be reused or recycled. See the video:

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