An Indian guy actually managed to buy for $12

And he has the screenshots to prove it

Sanmay Ved, a former Google employee, managed to buy and owned it for a few minutes before Google noticed.

To anyone who has tried to buy a good domain name that’s owned by a big company, this story sounds like fiction, but Ved claims it’s true.

In a post on his LinkedIn page, Ved, who is from India but is now based in the US, explains how it came about:

“A strange thing happened at 1:20 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 29. I was learning more about the Google Domains interface, and typed and clicked search domains. To my surprise, was showing as available!”

To his surprise, he was able to add to his cart and proceed to the checkout, buying it for the princely sum of $12, which was charged on his credit card.

If further proof was needed that he owned the domains, he was instantly given webmaster privileges, meaning he was able to control the site and access valuable information.

Unfortunately for Ved, the glory of owning was shortlived.

“Though purchase had successfully gone through, and domain now belonged to me as evident above, the purchase was followed by an order cancellation email from Google Domains,” he explains.

Google hasn’t commented on the story yet, though Ved claims he has spoken to the company about the incident.



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