Access denied: Yahoo stops users accessing emails while adblock software is running

Adblock battle steps up

Like many things on the internet, Yahoo mail is a free service, paid for by advertising.  

But there are growing problems with this model. Many advertisements have become increasingly intrusive in recent years, and as the technology behind them grows more sophisticated (and saps more bandwidth), they are irritating people more than they have in the past. Web pages load more slowly, they increase mobile data usage, and they shorten some devices’ battery life.

This has led to companies offering people methods of blocking out advertisements on their computers and devices.

Adblockers are seriously disrupting the advertising industry.  A recent report from PageFair and Adobe said that the growth of adblockers would cost the industry a staggering $22bn for 2015 alone.

Meanwhile, various sites on the “open web” depend on advertising from third party providers for their revenue.

And Yahoo has obviously had enough of people using their email system without looking at the accompanying adverts. The company is now preventing people gaining access to their emails if they are using adblocking software.

Yahoo has described this as part of tests for a “new product experience”.

According to the BBC, one group of people on an adblocking forum claimed they have already circumnavigated the restrictions.

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  • Power to the people, good on those folk finding a way round this block. Ads are becoming more and more of an irritant for all the reasons you suggest, and the advertisers need to be very careful that they don't become a 'negative sell'. Not everything put in front of the potential customer is going to have a positive impact,and the more our devices are affected by Ads the more we could stop buying the very products they are promoting, ,purely out of annoyance

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