5 appalling facts about UK broadband speeds

It’s not you, it’s the internet

A staggering 15.4 million people are not getting the broadband speeds advertised, according to a Which? report.

Here are five more appalling facts about UK broadband speeds:

1. Only 17% of homes get the average advertised speed, dropping to 15% during the peak evening period.

2. 98% of homes in rural areas cannot get the advertised speeds.

3. Internet service providers only have to ensure 10% of customers can get a top speed before they’re allowed to advertise it as the maximum.

4. Some packages don’t even do that: only 4% of customers on TalkTalk’s 17Mbps package and just 1% of those on BT’s 76Mbps deals were getting the advertised speed.

5. Despite this, speed is the second-most important factor for customers when choosing a broadband package, beaten only by price.



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