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Apple to launch new iPads

Apple "to lauch" two new iPads in October as Amazon launches two new Kindles

Thu, 18 Sep 2014

Forget the iPhone 6! Apple is planning another mega event to launch two new iPads on 21 October.

Jetpack gi joe pic

Jetpack GI Joe? New tech aims to propel sprinting soldiers into battle Video

Tue, 16 Sep 2014

Thrilling new war technology is under development in Arizona. An engineering team at Arizona State University, backed by the US military, is experimenting with lightweight jetpacks that could help soldiers sprint at high speed across the ground.

U2 removal kit

How to remove the free U2 album from your iTunes libraries

Tue, 16 Sep 2014

Last week, U2’s new album trespassed on your iTunes and sat there, whether you liked it or not.

iPhone 6 released

Will I still get my iPhone 6 from Phones 4U?

Mon, 15 Sep 2014

Phones 4U has just been “forced” into administration, threatening 6,000 jobs as its 550 stores close today – despite the company having profits of more than £100m.

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London tech insights & interviews

London skyline with Google, Facebook and other logos superimposed onto the skyline

Ajay Chowdhury: Understanding the secretive art of SEO - and how some companies have nailed it

Ajay Chowdhury, CEO of Seatwave discusses how London has become a hub for smart digital innovation

Apple Pay

Sophie Hobson: Forget the big iPhone and the watch. Apple Pay is the massive game-changer…

Apple’s biggest move at its launch event was the one with least fanfare

Russ Shaw

Russ Shaw: Why we must make the most of Britain’s coding revolution

The founder of Tech London Advocates and Mayor of London’s Tech Ambassador explains why we need kids who code


Three ways to make London a global tech hub, not a second-rate Silicon Valley

Does looking to America mean the London startup scene is missing a trick?

Shalini Khemka

Shalini Khemka: Emerging tech clusters must follow London’s lead to succeed

Shalini Khemka, founder & CEO, E2Exchange on what UK’s tech clusters need to succeed

Data, technology & computing

FinTech: what’s all the fuss about?

Currency Cloud’s Todd Latham on how 2014 is the year that FinTech becomes a teenager

Daniel Todaro, MD of Gekko

Daniel Todaro: Growth at Silicon Roundabout rivals Silicon Valley. How can we sustain it?

How can the UK tech scene overtake its rivals from across the pond?

London tech

Why tech companies are choosing Hackney over overpriced Clerkenwell and Farringdon

DeVono Property’s Adam Landau on London’s next tech hotspots

Smartphone kid

Harry Cockburn: Smartphones are conduits for misery. Why can’t we put them down?

Not sure what to do with your life? There’s an app for that

Drone business

Attack of the drones: These organisations are already patrolling our skies

From delivering sushi to beaming the internet into remote areas, who is using drones, and why?

Euro comes into force

Alessio Rastani: Why the euro is going to be trashed

The fastest way for Draghi to kickstart the economy is to trash the euro, says Alessio Rastani

Maryse Liburdi

She's boss of a $44m tech firm and advises the White House - meet Maryse LiburdiVideo

“The tech economy is poorly served by investment in the UK - and in the EU,” says the Pokeware CEO

Telephone old

Piers Daniell: Why London needs fibre broadband

London’s ancient technology is holding businesses back

Alessio Rastani, financial trader and founder of

Alessio Rastani: How to profit from Brazil today

Why Brazil’s stock market may be more predictable than the World Cup results

Flexible working eguide cover 2013 v2

E-GUIDE: Flexible working: The good manager's guidebook

Improve employee retention, motivation and productivity with our free in-depth guide

Doing business overseas

Why the future of work is with you, not the officeVideo

Cloud technology and business innovation means the best firms are working on the move

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