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Dom Joly with an oversized mobile phone

Would you pay 50p to skip a call centre queue? Now you can

Fri, 15 Aug 2014

You’ve been on hold for 35 minutes and all you want to do is change your address. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

Fair trade Crack

The future of illicit online drug trading: “fair-trade” cocaine and “locally farmed” opium

Thu, 14 Aug 2014

Is your cocaine fair-trade? It sounds like some sort of hipster joke, but drug dealers on the internet are now offering their customers “fair-trade” Bolivian cocaine, and opium from non-violent producers rather than cartels, in a bid to win business from conscientious users.

Uber taxi

Scandal of the tech darlings: $18bn Uber and $700m Lyft get dirty

Thu, 14 Aug 2014

It was all looking so peachy for Uber, with its $18bn valuation and its rampant acceleration towards world domination. (The taxi-booking app is now in around 60 markets worldwide is growing aggressively.)

Richard Branson Dita von Teese pants

Branson-backed radiation-repelling underpants hit bum-note

Wed, 13 Aug 2014

Electromagnetic radiation is a pesky aspect of modern life. Omnipresent, invisible, and potentially damaging, our bodies are routinely permeated by waves from devices like phones, laptops, tablets and all the other shiny gizmos we surround ourselves with.

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London tech

Why tech companies are choosing Hackney over overpriced Clerkenwell and Farringdon

DeVono Property’s Adam Landau on London’s next tech hotspots

Smartphone kid

Harry Cockburn: Smartphones are conduits for misery. Why can’t we put them down?

Not sure what to do with your life? There’s an app for that

Drone business

Attack of the drones: These organisations are already patrolling our skies

From delivering sushi to beaming the internet into remote areas, who is using drones, and why?

Euro comes into force

Alessio Rastani: Why the euro is going to be trashed

The fastest way for Draghi to kickstart the economy is to trash the euro, says Alessio Rastani

Maryse Liburdi

She's boss of a $44m tech firm and advises the White House - meet Maryse LiburdiVideo

“The tech economy is poorly served by investment in the UK - and in the EU,” says the Pokeware CEO

Telephone old

Piers Daniell: Why London needs fibre broadband

London’s ancient technology is holding businesses back

Alessio Rastani, financial trader and founder of

Alessio Rastani: How to profit from Brazil today

Why Brazil’s stock market may be more predictable than the World Cup results

Flexible working

7 steps to giving your staff an office on the move

UK businesses can save up to £8.1bn by implementing flexible working


Jonathan Rosenblatt: London’s tech boom is changing attitudes towards commercial property

The Headspace Group MD on whether the property market can cater to start-ups’ needs

Amazon smartphone - not for harry

Harry Cockburn: Why I will not be buying an Amazon smartphone

On Wednesday evening in Seattle, Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos did his best Steve Jobs impersonation in unveiling the company’s first smartphone, the Amazon Fire.

Old Street Roundabout AKA Silicon Roundabout

Silicon Britain: How the UK can rival Silicon Valley

Shalini Khemka, founder & CEO, E2Exchange on how the UK can replicate the successes of Silicon Valley

London skyline with Google, Facebook and other logos superimposed onto the skyline

Alessio Rastani: A new internet revolution is coming... are you ready?

A major revolution in how you use the internet is coming your way…


Mark Howley: The rise and rise of the personal data economy

Mark Howley, group managing director of ZenithOptimedia, explores the growing awareness of the power of data

Flexible working eguide cover 2013 v2

E-GUIDE: Flexible working: The good manager's guidebook

Improve employee retention, motivation and productivity with our free in-depth guide

Doing business overseas

Why the future of work is with you, not the officeVideo

Cloud technology and business innovation means the best firms are working on the move

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