Sturgeon: “Scotland isn’t full up” move to Scotland if you don’t like Brexit

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has said at the party conference “the Prime minister’s attitude should worry us all” she warned: “Stop putting the interests of the right wing of your party ahead of the interests of the people of our party.”

Nicola Sturgeon further said, people in the UK who did not like Brexit to come to Scotland.

To a crowd of applause and standing ovations, Ms Sturgeon said: “We will become a magnet for talent and investment from all cross the UK.

“So, let me issue this open invitation today, Scotland isn’t full up.”

“If you are as appalled as we are at the path this Westminster government is taking, come and join us. Come here to live, work, invest or study.”

“Come to Scotland and be part of building a modern, progressive, outward-looking, compassionate country.”

She added: “Scotland’s future must be Scotland’s choice.”

She further said that she wants a “fair, legal and agreed” referendum “at a time when we know the terms of Brexit but before it is too late to take a different path.”



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