You will not believe who is about to overtake Amazon as the UK’s biggest music and DVD retailer

For what seems like centuries, online giant Amazon has been at the top of the UK’s music and DVD scene as the biggest retailer.

But now it looks as though everyone’s favourite high street granddad, HMV, could be taking back the title, despite a lot of people thinking it was a goner.

Turnaround firm Hilco, which rescued the struggling brand as it went bust in 2012, reckons HMV will overtake Amazon soon.

In fact, Hilco chairman Paul McGowan said it was only a matter of time, and it looks like he could be right.

HMV’s sales have increased almost 14% in the past two months, and the company now supports 19% of music and DVD sales, compared with Amazon’s 20%.

So granddad wasn’t dead afterall, he was just sleeping.

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