Yay shopping! Six surprising online retail facts

Is online shopping good or bad? Is it a handy tool, or will it lead to the demise of the high street? Can the two exist in mutual harmony? Or is it all-out war where only one method of retail can triumph?

Spending money on clothes, accessories and shiny goods is now considered by many to be a legitimate past-time and valuable part of the British economy. So it is unsurprising that advances in smartphone technology have been accompanied by a surge in online shopping.

This surge in mobile shopping is the latest boost to online retail and is affecting our buying habits.

According to the latest IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report, visits to online retail websites through mobile devices have hit 52%, with 36% of UK online sales being conducted via mobile devices, including tablets. The figure rises to 40% for clothing sales.

online shopping

Old hat - forget the laptop, it’s all about smartphones and tablets these days

Now that we have officially proved that we can’t even go without shopping until we reach a proper computer, here are five more incredible facts about online retail you should probably be aware of, along with some awesome stock photos:

Britain is the champion of online shopping

Union jack money flag pounds coins iphone

Could this become our new flag?

UK consumers are the most prolific mobile online shoppers in Europe, storming away from France, where just 8% of purchases are made via mobile devices, Germany with 15% and Sweden with 19%, according to Econsultancy.com.

Mobile shopping is growing ridiculously fast

Smartphone user

Who knows what this man could be buying during his lunch break?

In 2010 mobile visits to retail sites accounted for just 3% of traffic. The latest figures indicate 2,000% growth in mobile visiting in just four years. That’s the march of progress.

We are talking billions

online shopping money

Money literally pouring into, or out of, a tablet

Between the months of May and June, British consumers spent £24.2bn on online shopping. £8.7bn was spent through smartphones and tablets.

Tablets v smartphones

online shopping tablet smartphone

Woah, two at once. This man is an online shopping hero

Of all sales through mobile devices we use tablets for the lion’s share of our shopping, with 82% of mobile purchases conducted via tablets and 18% on mobile telephones. We obviously like to use big screens when we click the ‘buy’ button.

High street squeeze?

Shopping girls retail London

Yay shopping!

Overall, spending online accounts for 13.5% of all retail in the UK, according to the 2014 estimates by the Centre for Retail Research. So it looks like there’s still a place for the high street. Phew.

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