Which supermarket is BY FAR the most complained about?

More than one in 10 of this supermarket’s suppliers have lodged complaints

Yep it’s another bad day for Tesco after figures show it is the most complained about supermarket by its suppliers.

YouGov surveyed supermarket suppliers to find out how many had complained to the Grocery Code Adjudicator, a body which is like an ombudsman for the supermarket sector.

It found 54% of the complaints were about Tesco, followed by Morrisons at 26%, Asda at 15% and the Co-op at 14%.

The least complained about was Aldi, which in the survey received not a single complaint.

Tesco is by far the biggest supermarket in the UK, so with more suppliers, perhaps could naturally be expected to be the most complained about.

However, in terms of a proportion of the number of suppliers it has Tesco still came out the worst.

More than one in 10 of its suppliers (11%) have complained to the adjudicator, compared with 6% of Morrisons suppliers and 4% of both Asda and Co-op suppliers.


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Readers' comments (2)

  • Was this sponsored by Sainsburys by any chance? As I cannot believe they came nowhere, especially as our store in Chislehurst is appalling for many reasons. And I know from staff members both in and out of their stores that they can treat their staff, shall we say, 'disrespectfully' at times, so I'm pretty sure they are not angelic towards their suppliers. And how do the 4 you show add up to 109%? Statistics have a way of confusing us all, you'll probably say some suppliers complained about more than one or something similar, but when I was at school it never got past 100%.

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  • I'm no fan of Sainsbury's, but this survey is about complaints from suppliers, not from customers or staff.

    As for the 109% - perhaps some of the complaints were about more than one supermarket. If this were the case, it would be possible for the percentages to exceed 100%

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