Want the cheapest fresh meat? Head to Harrods

High-end retailer is CHEAPER than Tesco for some meat

Posh deli counters are cheaper than supermarkets for some meat, a study has found.

Buy Wiltshire cured ham slices from Tesco and you’ll pay £2.50 per 100. At Asda, it’s a cheaper £2.31. But at Fortnum & Mason, the same ham costs only £2.00.

In fact, the research by app company Can I Eat It? found deli counters were often cheaper than pre-packed meat, even within a supermarket.

Prepacked ox tongue from Waitrose, it found, was £2.69 per 100g, while the same meat from Harrods’s deli counter was just £2.50 per 100g.

Can I Eat It? founder Martin Isark said: “Pre-packed food rarely tastes as good as the fresh food from the supermarkets counters.

“Unfortunately, most shoppers don’t bother to wait their turn at these counters.

“That’s a big mistake, as most are very much cheaper, and often as not better quality.

“Indeed, Can I Eat It has checked the prices and found some of the pre-packed meats are astonishingly more expensive than ones from Fortnum & Mason, Harrods & Selfridges!

“When the super posh shops are selling deli products cheaper than our British supermarkets pre-packed products, then they must be too expensive.”


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