Nike and Apple named world’s most popular faked brands

Under the Eiffel Tower, street sellers distribute their wares on brightly coloured blankets as hordes of tourists pass by. Customers here will find a range of plaster models of Parisian landmarks as well as necklaces and wristbands. Eagle-eyed visitors may be able to spot that on some of the day-glow wristbands for sale the Nike swoosh is emblazoned, but turn the band over and on the other side it reads Adidas. Clever.

This is clearly a poor fake (though not as poor as the t-shirts in Brixton Market with images of Jimi Hendrix but the name Bob Marley written beneath). But counterfeit goods are part of a massive black market across the globe.

New figures from the World Customs Organisation show that Nike has won the dubious honour of being named the world’s most faked brand. In total 1,120 cases of counterfeit Nike goods being seized last year, making the brand by far the most desirable sportswear brand for counterfeiters – Adidas was fifth on the list with 532 cases of fake products being seized.

Apple came in at number two on the list with 867 cases, while Rolex was third with 809.

Erectile dysfunction drugs also made it into the top ten as a favourite for fraudsters with Cialis and Viagra both listed.

Here is the top 10 most counterfeited brands by number of cases recorded:

1. Nike - 1,120

2. Apple - 876

3. Rolex - 809

4. Samsung - 631

5. Adidas - 532

6. Louis Vuitton - 497

7. Chanel - 464

8. Cialis - 425

9. Viagra - 365

10. Gucci - 307

In terms of numbers of individual products seized, fake cigarettes under the Supermatch brand was number one with 40m cigarettes being seized, while the rest of the top 10 was made up of fake medical products.

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