Lunar-tic! A Japanese drink company is putting the first advert on the moon

You thought Morrisons’ baguette advert mounted on the Angel of the North was crazy? Think again.

In October 2015, a Japanese soft drink company called Otsuka Pharmaceutical will put an advert on the moon.

The makers of a drink called, ahem, Pocari Sweat, will install a titanium “dream capsule” shaped like a can on the moon using a Falcon 9 rocket. The dream capsule has messages engraved from Japanese school children.

In a statement, Otsuka Pharmaceutical said: “The capsule will launch from Florida in October 2015.

“Until now, the space travel was only possible at a national project level.

“Now, we want to realise it privately and get to the moon.”

Watch this video to see how Otsuka Pharmaceutical will put an advert on the moon:

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