If Tesco is such a loser, why has it gained market share in the last few months?

The supermarket giant is beating its rivals

Tesco is the only big supermarket that gained market share in the 12 weeks to 24 May.

This week analysts have predicted a drop in quarterly sales for Tesco and we’ve heard rumours of shareholders fighting with bosses, so it’s easy to overlook the supermarket’s recent performance.

Tesco was the only Big Four supermarket to gain market share in the most recent period on record, as the only other supermarkets to gain were much smaller chains Waitrose and Lidl, according to Kantar Worldpanel data.

Tesco grew from 28.4% of the market to 28.6% - a small but significant rise where most other supermarkets were struggling to keep their ground.

Grocery market share of the big four

Tesco’s quarterly sales results are out on Friday.


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