How has Burberry angered over 140,000 people?

Luxury clothes retailer Burberry has kicked up a media storm for all the wrong reasons after an animal welfare group slammed the “horrific” conditions animals endure in fur farms used by the company.

The campaign is being led by animal rights group FOUR PAWS, which says it is aiming to draw attention to the practices used by the fashion industry.

The group’s campaign focuses on a fox cub they’ve named Kimi, which lives in a Finnish fur farm and faces slaughter in November during the “fur harvest”, the Independent reports.

Kimi the fox via FOUR PAWs

Kimi the fox, via FOUR PAWs

On the group’s website, the campaign appears under the headline: “When I grow up I’m going to be a fur collar”.

An online petition to prevent the animal’s death has so far gained over 143,000 signatures, while an additional 35,000 hard-copy signatures have also been collated.

FOUR PAWS UK country manager, Julie Sanders, said: “If the British public knew the horror of what goes on behind the scenes on Finnish fur farms that provide fur to companies like Burberry, they would be shocked. Our campaign to save Kimi aims to show them this by focusing in on the experiences of just one specific fox, Kimi, who is being farmed on one of these Finnish farms for his fur.”

Burberry has responded to say it will not stop using fur. The company said: “We work closely with our suppliers, including SAGA [a regulated Finnish fur company], to improve animal welfare standards beyond legal compliance and to adopt third-party monitoring systems.”

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