Coca-Cola's new milk will “rain money” says exec

The world’s largest drinks brand is moving into the dairy market.

Coca-Cola is launching a radical new product: sexy milk. It’s milk, but not as we know it.

The company said the move, which will see products hit shelves in late December, will eventually “rain money” for the brand.

The milk, which will be twice the price of normal milk, will be branded “Fairlife”.

And it could well be a money-spinner. In addition to selling the milk at inflated prices, Coca-Cola says it will formulate the milk to contain 50% more protein than regular milk, 30% less sugar and it will be lactose free.

Sandy Douglas, Coca-Cola’s senior VP and global chief customer officer, said Fairlife was “a milk that’s ‘premiumised’ and tastes better and we’ll charge twice as much for it as the milk we’re used to buying”.

“We’re going to be investing in the milk business for a while to build the brand, so it won’t rain money in the early couple of years. But like Simply [Coke’s orange juice brand], when you do it well, it rains money later.”

The comments were revealed in a transcript published online by

The move into milk may help Coca-Cola’s falling revenues in North America, where health concerns have finally begun to make an impact on fizzy drink sales.

Can a new milk product keep Americans suckling at the corporate teat?

Well, the US milk market isn’t in particularly good shape either.

Sales of milk have fallen 8% over the last decade and 50% of adults in America don’t drink milk.

So Coke is taking a gamble on health conscious Americans lapping up their special milk.

There are no current plans to sell the milk in the UK.

Fairlife’s imminent launch has seen some questionable advertising emerge. Take a look at the image below.

Coke Milk Ads

Picture via Fairlife

If this isn’t a prurient and sexist piece of propaganda that plays to women’s insecurities and fuels sexual objectification, then we don’t know what is.

The woman on the right is on a milk-splattered weighing scale.

We’re not sure what Fairlife’s message is, but the price doesn’t sound that fair, and the life it’s promoting looks somewhat perverted.

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  • Did check if it was not April the 1st.! Did they really say
    'In addition to selling the milk at inflated prices, Coca-Cola says'

    and as for the adverts!

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  • Americans might be stupid enough to fall for this kind of rubbish, but not in the UK.

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