BMW embroiled in diesel scandal after SUV breaches EU emissions limit by 11 times

Shares plunge 10% as Germany’s crisis worsens

BMW shares fell by 10% this morning after the German car manufacturer was drawn into the diesel emissions scandal that has hit Volkswagen.

According to a report in Germany’s Autobild, the International Council on Clean Transportation – the same group who tipped off the authorities about Volkswagen’s emissions fraud – BMW’s X3 xDrive 20d sport utility vehicle emitted as much as 11 times the European limit for air pollution in a road test.

There is no suggestion that BMW had installed “defeat” software such as that used in Volkswagen’s cars, which include Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini cars.

In a statement to AFP, BMW said: “The BMW group does not manipulate or rig any emissions tests. We observe the legal requirements in each country and adhere to all local testing requirements.

“When it comes to our vehicles, there is no difference in the treatment of exhaust emissions whether they are on rollers (eg. test bench situation) or on the road,” BMW said.

“We are not familiar with the test mentioned by Auto Bild concerning the emissions of a BMW X3 during a road test. No specific details of the test have yet been provided and therefore we cannot explain these results.

“We will contact the ICCT and ask for clarification of the test they carried out.”

In later trading, shares rallied slightly and are now down by 7%.

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