Bean-counting Starbucks brings cheaper coffee brand to UK

Starbucks is to bring its cheaper coffee brand to existing UK cafés in a bid to fight for customers at the bottom end of the coffee market.

The move comes as Starbucks UK sales have declined.

The coffee giant bought Seattle’s Best Coffee in 2003 and expanded the brand in the US. Seattle’s Best Coffee is considered Starbucks’ answer to fast-food outlets such as McDonald’s selling low-priced coffee.

Last month, Starbucks revealed its first fall in UK sales since it opened in 1998. Sales fell to £399m down from £419m in the year to September 29.

According to the Independent, Seattle’s Best Coffee has already agreed deals with ASDA, KFC and Kiddicare to provide coffee in their cafés.

Starbucks European food service director Simon Hillier said: “We chose to launch Seattle’s Best Coffee in the UK because we know Brits love their coffee.”

Starbucks has no plans to launch the brand as a standalone coffee shop, and will instead focus on providing coffee to existing cafés.


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