Zac Goldsmith trailing Sadiq Khan by 7% in latest poll

A new YouGov poll today puts Labour candidate Sadiq Khan on course to win London’s mayoral election on 5 May.

The Tooting MP now has a seven point lead over his nearest rival, Conservative MP for Richmond Zac Goldsmith.

According to the poll, Goldsmith has the support of 25% of Londoners, while Khan has 32% of Londoners backing him.

The last YouGov poll of voting intentions for London’s mayoral candidates was in Jaunary, and since then Khan and Goldsmith have each increased their lead by one point.

Ukip’s candidate Peter Whittle is in third place with 4%, Siân Berry of the Green Party has 3% of the vote, and the Lib Dem’s Caroline Pidgeon has 2% of the vote. George Galloway also received 2% of the vote.

However, Khan’s lead increases to 9 points over his rival when those who don’t know how to vote, or don’t intend to vote are excluded.

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