Yvette Cooper takes pro-business Blairite position in leadership race

Cooper hits out at Miliband’s “anti-business” rhetoric

Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper is working to position herself as the pro-business successor to Tony Blair’s legacy as she makes her bid for power.

After months of standing shoulder to shoulder with Ed Miliband throughout Labour’s disastrous election campaign, Cooper has now rounded on her former colleague.

The shadow home secretary will strongly criticise Miliband’s policies, which she will say were “anti-business, anti-growth and ultimately anti-worker for the many people employed by large companies in the UK”.

Pro-growth strategy

Cooper has called for a “fresh start” and to “reset” Labour’s relationship with business. Today she will also criticise Miliband’s “producer” vs “predator” labelling of firms, which she will say sounded like he was dividing the economy into “two camps”.

She will also move to support George Osborne’s 20% cut in corporation tax, and say the UK must grow levels of manufacturing.

In an additional move to woo the business community, Cooper has pledged that under her leadership, the opposition would create a “business advisory group”, made up of heads of businesses, including those who had supported the Tories. This, she will say in another dig at Miliband, would prevent any “rude surprises that backfire”.

“We need to reset out relationship with business around a shared vision for building an economy that faces the future.”

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