YUK-IP! Nigel Farage's party has just been named the UK's most HATED brand

UKIP has just had another big win. It has beaten the Tories, Labour and even Marmite to become the UK’s most hated brand.

According to a study by advertising agency Isobel, which questioned 1,500 people on the brands they loved and hated the most, Nigel Farage’s party took top spot in the hate department.

Other brands that Brits gave a collective thumbs-down to include Ryanair, Labour, LibDems and Starbucks.

Amazon, Cabdury and Walkers, on the other hand, got a lot of love from Brits and made it to the list of the most-loved brands in the UK.

Paul Houlding, managing partner of Isobel said: “It will come as no shock to anyone (least of all the politicians themselves) that the political parties are all in the same unloved boat [as Marmite] but will it concern them?

“When it comes to polling day, are we voting for the party we love or are we voting for the party of most use?”

Here are the top 10 most-hated brands in the UK

1 Ukip

2 Conservatives

3 Marmite

4 Ryanair

5 Labour

6 LibDems

7 McDonalds

8 Starbucks

9 Facebook

10 KFC


Top 10 most-loved brands in the UK

1 Amazon

2 Cadbury

3 Walkers

4 Heinz

5 BBC1

6 Google

7 Kellogg’s

8 Boots

9 Tesco

10 ITV

Do you love/hate UKIP? Why/why not? Leave your comments below…

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Readers' comments (7)

  • Anonymous

    Nigel might be hated..whatever that is..but he tells it like it is..We need to get out of europe before wer'e swamped with so many, we can no longer cope.50 million a day to europe...what about residential care for our own elderly needs!!!

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  • What I hate most of all are those pathetic liberals who avoid rational debate with a principled party like UKIP, by insisting they are racist. What disingenuous cowards.

    It is time we had politicians prepared to tell it like it is, and to listen to the people who have largely been ignored for so long by the three mainstream parties

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  • Anonymous

    To paraphrase an excellent mantra from another minority group -

    ' Some people LOVE UKIP - GET OVER IT ! '

    Good on ya Nigel ! - was not so long ago that UKIP were dismissed as a bunch of fascist , xenophobic and misogynist misfits .... the more UKIP seats that are won , the more desparate and degenerate the activities of the Tories and Socialists will become .... BRING IT ON !

    Mmm - Harriet Yeo just defected from the Labour Party today .... surely SHE must know something all you liberal fantasists don't !

    Rod (Southampton)

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  • Anonymous

    I hate UKIP so much I will be voting for them in the upcoming elections.

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  • Anonymous

    Who do these polls ask? I will be voting for UKIP and most of my friends and family will also be voting for them.
    About time somebody stood up for Britain. Why do other parties always have to play the race card as soon as somebody talks the truth. Nigel Farage talks a lot of sense. Good Luck UKIP.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with the comments made above. UKIP have an awful lot to learn about PR with so many gaffs made in public. Eventually when they mature and operate in a more cohesive way they could probably be a serious contender for government. I will vote Tory hoping for the promised referendum, but I respect UKIP for what they stand for (any racism aside).

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  • Anonymous

    The list of brands offered must have been very restricted - no mention of such hateful brands as The Guardian, Unite, The EU, The Greens and the SNP.

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