You won’t believe how much the Tories spend on Facebook advertising

It’s £££

The Conservative Party is spending more than £100,000 a month on Facebook, it has been revealed.

Invoices from last year show the party spent £122,814 in September and £114,956 in November last year on Facebook advertising and promotions. If it spends this much every month, it amounts to nearly £1.5m a year.

It might seem like a crazy sum, but the Conservatives do have the most Facebook likes at 341,000. This is over 100,000 more than the Labour party. Check out where all the parties stand with our graph.

The Tories’ rivals are not so flash with the Facebook cash though.

A UKIP source revealed the far-right party spends just £150 a month on Facebook.

And Labour, third most-popular party on Facebook by likes, spends £10,000 a month, Matthew McGregor of Blue State Digital told the BBC.

He told the Today programme: “The Conservatives are spending their money in a way that gets their content in front of people.

“The fact they are outspending the Labour Party many, many times over because of the support from millionaire donors is going to have an impact.

“That’s something the Labour Party can respond to by out-organising the Conservatives.”

The breakdown of the September invoice showed the party spent nearly £1,000 just on the Clacton byelection candidate, Giles Watling, who lost to UKIP defector Mark Reckless in October.



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Readers' comments (4)

  • Anonymous

    The Tories have to do whatever is necessary to keep Milliband out of power - nothing wrong with that.
    Interesting that you think UKIP are 'far right'. Many of their supporters are ex Labour voters who have been abandoned by the sneering left wingers who now control Labour.

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  • Hi anonymous, thanks for your comment. "Far-right" is a perfectly legitimate label for UKIP, reflecting the party representatives' nationalist anti-immigration stance, libertarian economic views, dislike for modernist/progressive policies such as green energy and their traditionalist standpoint. The fact that many UKIP voters used to vote Labour does not change the party's policies and political views. If you're uncomfortable with the thought of voting for a far-right party, may I suggest you consider changing your voting intention to another party?

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks Robyn but I would not vote for them in a general election - far to dangerous in a marginal seat where Labour could just win if UKIP do too well. So far as I understand based on what they say, they are not anti immigration at all - they just want a cap on immigration. As for green energy I dont think they are against that so long as it makes financial sense. True they have some members that are a little 'off message' but what party does'ent? They seem to represent the views of an increasing amout of voters in the face of huge media left wing bias. Its really amusing to see the left squirm in the face of their success.

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  • Robyn

    Ukip are
    Patriotic not nationalistic
    Not anti-immigration but pro controlled immigration
    Are not libertarian for instance they support a single payer NHS.
    They are not against green policies but are for non-knee jerk ecological policies.

    I would position them as 'Normal'.

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