Will Ed Miliband step down before the general election?

Ed Miliband has been forced to defend himself after an article appeared on the BBC website suggesting he has lost the support of his party.

The original article, which didn’t name any sources and seems to have been removed from the BBC website, said a backbench Labour MP told a BBC journalist they had told the party chairman they thought Miliband should step down. The backbencher also said another MP had done the same.

According to The Times, some (again, unnamed) MPs are also circulating a letter demanding Miliband step aside.

Miliband called the claim “nonsense”. Shadow chancellor Ed Balls added: “All I know is that everybody in the Labour Party, from Ed Miliband down, is focused on tackling the cost-of-living crisis, building an economy which works for working people, reforming Europe but not walking away, having tough and fair controls on immigration, saving our National Health Service - that’s what Labour’s for.

“It’s the Conservative Party which are riven and divided and defecting left, right and centre. We will focus on Tory division, Labour will stay united.”

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Anonymous

    Please Ed stay - the last thing we need is Labour Leader that has any possible chance of inspiring public confidence and winning an election.

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  • Miliband standing down is a pre-requisite to Labour having any chance of winning the election and keeping the Tories out.

    It is impossible to imagine him as PM, so unless he goes, Labour are unelectable. The worst-case scenario is a Tory-UKIP coalition.

    You think the Tories are bad now, with the LibDems dragging them back towards centre? Wait till you see the havoc they will wreak upon our poor beleaguered nation with UKIP dragging them to the right.

    The Tories will, of course, secretly love this. They will be able to advance their fascist agenda to concentrate ever more power and wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many, protected by increasingly oppressive laws to limit personal freedom, more rapidly than ever before, and blame it all on UKIP.

    So Ed must go, if we are to have any prospect of avoiding that nightmare.

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