Why was David Cameron crying yesterday?

A speech in the Tory party conference made the PM cry yesterday – an unusual display of emotion from our usually indifferent-looking leader.

It was all down to a speech from former foreign secretary William Hague about his time in government and leaving the cabinet.

Cameron crying

Feeling somewhat emotional?

Talking about David Cameron, Hague said: “I have worked with him every day for the last nine years and I have seen him calmly and steadily defy every prediction to produce an outstanding economic record in the face of much contrary advice.

Cameron crying

You alright there Dave?

“He has returned repeatedly from Brussels with negotiating feats said to be impossible.

“At the same time, I saw as foreign secretary he took the greatest possible care to give endless hours of thought when British nationals were in danger, when our forces are committed to action, as they are today.

Cameron crying

There there, just let it all out

“As I leave government in the next seven months I salute the inexhaustible patience, the tireless perseverance and the steadily-growing success of the man who led us into government at the last election and deserves to win big at the next election.”

Cameron crying

And from a different angle

We’re welling up here. Only joking, that would be ridiculous.

Cameron crying

We weren’t sure the pictures were conclusive enough so we forensically enlarged one image (in Microsoft Paint).

But to be fair, everyone has to have a good cry every now and then. Considering the previous 48 hours, which included the Brooks Newmark sexting scandal and the defection of Mark Reckless to UKIP, perhaps it was all a bit much for poor Cameron.

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