Why is #CameronMustGo trending on Twitter?

It’s been the top trend on Twitter most of the day, but why is #CameronMustGo trending today? We take a look.

This morning, thousands of NHS workers, including midwives and ambulance crews were striking. While #CameronMustGo has been around a while, it was picked up today as people expressed support for NHS staff. It’s now been picked up by other groups including disability and poverty campaigners.

Why is #CameronMustGo trending?

Some of the tweets with the most retweets and favourites speak for themselves:


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Readers' comments (2)

  • Anonymous

    Well they will get their chance next May. If you don't like a politician you votethem out. Not post silly tweets.

    Wonder what they will post when he gets re elected

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  • "Anonymous" misses the point entirely. Cameron has no mandate. Only a minority of people voted for him. Our electoral system is badly broken, and simply saying "well, vote him out then" is massively ignorant of how little power anybody has via the ballot box.

    On the other hand, if you sign a 38 Degrees petition, the Government changes its policy. That seems to be the only way to influence Government policy these days.

    So "posting silly tweets" actually has a greater effect than wasting your time at the ballot box.

    This is the 21st Century after all.

    And if Cameron, the slimiest, most incompetent, least caring PM ever to hold office, does get in next year, I can tell you what they will be tweeting.


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