Why are the other party leaders calling David Cameron a “chicken”?

Party leaders have rushed to criticise David Cameron, calling him a “chicken” who is “running scared”.

The prime minister said yesterday he would not take part in any TV election debates unless the Green Party was also given a podium.

Three general election TV debates are planned for this spring and will be televised on ITV, the BBC and Channel 4 in partnership with Sky News.

Broadcasters have said David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage should be included in at least one debate but have been criticised for excluding Natalie Bennett, the Green Party leader.

A poll by ICM at the end of last year found an overwhelming 79% of the public thought Bennett should be allowed to take part in the debate.

Cameron said: “I don’t think the current proposals work. You can’t have one minor party without having another minor party and I think that’s only fair.”

The Conservatives have allegedly introduced a number of barriers to Cameron taking part, including wanting to hold the debates in January, and asking for other parties to be included, such as Northern Ireland’s largest party, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

The other three main party leaders have accused the PM of “running scared” of the debates, after he said he wouldn’t take part unless the Green Party was allowed to join.


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  • D Cameron is absolutely right, and it would be very interesting in hearing what the 'other parties' have to say. For my part I just would love hearing all of them because finally decide who I would love to vote for. Not a 'chicken' but somebody standing firm on democracy!
    I applaude!

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  • This is pure politicking from Cameron and nothing to do with principle .. He wants the Greens to dilute support away from his opponents on the left and meanwhile he is scared of Farage and the common sense truth he will tell which will make him look weak on the right . He would rather not do it at all .

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  • I agree with Laurie above. The last election broadcasts were a game-changer for the subsequently proved useless and treacherous Clegg, but his forceful performance put the LibDems right into the public eye and into the ballot boxes. This would be likely to do the same for Farage, with whom Cameron is fighting a feeble rearguard action, and has already been forced into, publicly lying about changing his EU attitude whilst privately determined against Brexit. As for the Greens, who except a few nutters can possibly support their naive and impractical views?

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  • too many cockadoodledoo noise about somebody trying to make a debate more 'democratic'.

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