Why are people saying we have a zombie government?

The coalition has been called a zombie government again today, with critics saying it has “run out of steam and ideas”.

The government is planning to introduce several new laws at the State Opening of Parliament this morning, including a 5p charge for plastic bags and the opportunity for voters to sack an MP who has broken the law.

The latter measure was promised when the coalition came to power in 2010, but has taken four years to be published and is one of the last measures announced under the Coalition Agreement to be put into action.

Despite releasing a joint statement today, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are likely to be preparing to go their separate ways in the run up to 2015 General Election campaigning, which some people have argued will mean a wind-down of government action in the coming year.

The coalition has previously been criticised for not doing enough during its time in power, with the Labour party repeatedly criticising its “zombie” attitude.

Shadow Commons Leader Angela Eagle told listeners of Radio 4’s Today Programme the coalition was “a zombie government that has run out of steam and ideas”.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said: “We need action, we need answers, we need a programme for government equal to the scale of the challenge our country faces.”

However, coalition leaders said the government remains capable of taking “braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnsssss!!!”bold steps”.

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