Who's been giving money to Labour, Tories and the LibDems?

What you need to know about the latest party donations

The latest edition of the political nerds’ financial publication Who’s Who has come out, as the Electoral Commission has released the latest figures on who has been giving money to Britain’s political parties in the last quarter of 2012.

The blizzard of statistics and names would make most people’s eyes glaze over, but we here at LondonlovesBusiness.com have raked through the donations to pull out just a few things you need to know:

The Tory party continues to excel in raking in donations

In the last three months of 2012, the Tories received £3,309,109 in donations, Labour £2,592,885 and the LibDems just £570,959.

Nearly half (45%) of donations to political parties were to the Conservatives.

Labour’s trade unions are the most generous donors

The three biggest donors were Unite, Unison and the GMB, who gave over £1.5m to the Labour Party.

Labour has larger loans to pay off (£10m) than any political party

Don’t mention that to Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, he may have words to say about the party’s financial planning.

Labour has nearly £10m in loans outstanding (or £9,858,723 to be very precise). The Tories have just over £2.5m (£2,619,796) and the LibDems had nearly £360,000.

On the plus side, Labour has paid £5,000 of this and was in even worse state, to the effect of £20m, just a few years ago.

Alan Sugar still backs Labour after Livingstone spat

It seems Lord Alan Sugar’s has moved on from the London Mayoral competition when his distaste for Labour’s London Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone led to him calling for no-one to vote for him.

The good Lord has still felt able to shell out for his party, giving Labour just over £20,000 in the closing months of 2012, with just over £9,000 given near the end of September and a further £12,786 on New Year’s Eve.

Every little helps: Tesco likes Labour and the Tories

The goliath supermarket gave the Tories £10,000 on 21 September. Casual capitalist support for the Conservatives? Far from it.

Tesco also forked out £12,000 for the Labour Party on the same day in “sponsorship”.

A Labour Party spokesperson explains to LondonlovesBusiness.com:

“Tesco sponsored a Labour Party reception at the Labour Party Annual Conference in Manchester in October 2012. We welcome Tesco as a valued contributor to our conferences and hope they will continue to work with us in the future.”

Sadly, the LibDems didn’t get any Tesco love in that period.

LibDem donors are very cool

If Nick Clegg is crying over missing out a few grand from Tesco, he can be more than pleased by the £50,000 from the leading fashion designer, Oscar Pinto-Hervia, received on 11 November.

If that isn’t enough for their cool credentials, the LibDems have continued to enjoy the support of LibDem friendly James Palumbo and his Ministry of Sound club, with the party getting £50,000 from the club on 7 November.

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