Who is spying on John Prescott? Former deputy PM finds a tracking device in one of his Jags

Two Jags down to one after bug discovery

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has found a tracking device in one of his Jaguars which was capable of tracking the car’s movements, listening to conversations and even stopping the engine remotely.

The Labour peer made the discovery after taking his X-Type to the garage when it repeatedly wouldn’t start.

Mechanics found a sophisticated bug which was hooked up to the battery and draining its power.

Lord Prescott told the Sunday Mirror: “I’ve been told that whoever knows the SIM card that goes with the tracker can send out a signal and stop the engine.

“I suppose you have to hope you’re not on the motorway.”

Prezza isn’t sure how long the bug has been there as he’s had the car for a couple of years but he’s aiming to track down the vehicle’s previous owner in the hope they had it installed in case the car was stolen.

After nearly 40 years in politics, he’s not ruling out foul play though.

“Has somebody been watching me, listening in my own vehicle? My experience over the years makes me wonder.

“This type of surveillance breaches our right to privacy – I’ve had my mobile hacked, my phone tapped, and now someone might have been tracking my car.”

But the veteran politician wasn’t about to freak out over the incident: “I can only hope whoever listened to my conversations installed an automatic bleeper too.”


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  • Judging by John's left hook - whoever was tracking him was either very brave or very foolish!

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  • I'd have thought on his record his wife would want to know where he was?

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  • He'll have to drive his other Jag till he gets it sorted.

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