What colour will Osborne’s tie be? And 6 other fun Autumn Statement bets

Navy blue. That’s the bookies’ favourite for the colour of the chancellor’s tie in tomorrow’s Autumn Statement.

Odds are 2/1 that George Osborne will deliver the speech wearing a navy blue tie, compared with 5/1 for a baby or bright blue tie, and 100/1 for the outsider – a Union Jack design.

Previously he’s worn green, purple and baby blue – could this be the year of the maiden silver tie?

Colour of tie

2/1        Navy Blue

5/1        Baby Blue

5/1        Bright Blue

5/1        Green

7/1        Red

7/1        Pink/Purple

7/1        Silver/Grey

20/1       Yellow

20/1       Brown

33/1       Black

40/1       Open Collar

100/1     Union Jack Design

Number of sips of water

Paddy Power is also offering political punters the chance to bet on how many sips of water the chancellor takes during the speech. He’ll be talking pretty much non-stop so bookies are putting it almost at evens with odds of 6/5 Osborne won’t touch his water.

6/5        None

7/2        One

7/2        Two

3/1        Three or more

Number of times speaker says “order”

It’s odds-on that the speaker will bark “order!” less than one and a half times during the speech. Paddy Power isn’t offering odds for Balls’s riposte, but we reckon he’ll barely get a word in edgeways based on the hoarse red-faced performance during the Budget earlier this year.

2/5        Under 1.5

7/4        Over 1.5

Ken Clarke to fall asleep

There’s reasonably short odds that Ken Clarke will fall asleep during the speech at 5/1…


Length of speech

…which is possible, since it could go either way on the length of the speech. (Our money is on under 48 minutes, by the way.)

5/6        Under 48 minutes

5/6        Over 48 minutes

First buzzword

Wagers on the content of the speech are up for grabs too. Paddy Power is offering 3/1 for the first buzzword out of the hat to be “economy” followed closely by “recovery” at 8/1. “Difficult decisions” is way down at 25/1, ahead of “we’re all in this together” at 33/1.

3/1        Economy

8/1        Recovery

10/1       Stability

10/1       Fiscal policy

10/1       Borrowing

12/1       NHS

12/1       Global

12/1       Structural deficit

14/1       Jobs

16/1       Economic record

20/1       Austerity

20/1       The party opposite

20/1       Work in progress

20/1       Next five years

20/1       Oil

20/1       Housing market

20/1       Social security

25/1       Difficult decisions

33/1       We’re all in this together

33/1       Ed Balls

40/1       There is no money

150/1     Leadership challenge


Stamp duty could be on the agenda tomorrow, with odds of 2/5 in favour of some reform being announced. Inheritance tax and capital gains tax are also in the spotlight, both odds-against at 6/4.

2/5        Any reform of stamp duty to be announced

6/4        Any cut in inheritance tax

6/4        Any increase in capital gains tax threshold to be announced

Tipsters are suggesting there’ll be support for “hardworking people” but since there have been very few leaks this year, it’s still all to play for.

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