Vince Cable tells us the Lib Dems "are pro-business". Do you agree?

The business secretary speaks to

Vince Cable has urged voters to remember the “critical role” the Lib Dems played in turning the economy around after the financial crisis.

Speaking to us at the launch event for National Apprenticeship Week, which our editor Sophie Hobson co-hosted, the business secretary said the Lib Dems “had played a ‘key role’ in many of the successes of the economic recovery”.

Insisting his party was “pro-business” but “in a considered, long-term way”, Cable said voters should look at the Lib Dems’ record in government.

“I think if they reflect on it, they’ll realise we had an absolutely critical role in turning the economy around,” he said.

“It was a disaster in 2010, it’s now recovering strongly - we played a key role in that - and my team and I have put in place a lot of arrangements like the Business Bank and the Green Investment Bank, the apprenticeship training scheme, supporting innovation and science, which are the foundations for business growth.

“So we are pro-business but we’re doing it in a considered, long-term way.

“I think most businesses would acknowledge our contribution to the recovery has been absolutely central and we need to be there in future.”

Do you agree that the Lib Dems are pro-business?

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  • Lib.dems. been pro-business? may be in China, but surely not in the UK. I so wish I could trust them, unfortunately, I do not think I can, too EU pro, too derived from what type of benefits they can gain for themselves, always brandishing some type of slogans, but nothing to back up what they say!

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  • The LibDems seem pro business both in and outside London. They deserve credit for putting a brake on some of the Conservatives more hair-shirted schemes as well as introducing some useful ideas of their own. They also provide a welcome voice of sanity when it comes to the EU.

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