UKIP MEP calls Thai constituent “ting tong from somewhere”

UKIP’s representatives sure know how to grab the media lime-light. Over the past month alone, MEPs have been scoring copious column inches, from giving “Hitler speech advice”, to coming out in support of a re-introduction of the death penalty.

This week it is the party’s MEP Janice Atkinson who is maintaining the organisation’s profile, after she made racist comments about a Thai constituent.

The incident occurred after an interview with BBC south east. Atkinson’s microphone was still attached, and the MEP was heard talking about a Thai constituent and party supporter Fa Munday.

Atkinson said: “So that was good. We got Fa who’s, I don’t know, she’s a ting tong from somewhere.”

In Thai, ting tong is slang for a person with a mental illness. Actor Matt Lucas also played a transsexual Thai character with the same name in the television programme Little Britain.

After the incident Munday told the BBC: “I’m from Thailand. I’m married to an Englishman and now I’m British. No one has ever spoken about me like that before.”

Her husband, Vincent Munday, a UKIP supporter himself added: “I don’t think UKIP are a racist party, but that comment certainly wasn’t the brightest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Atkinson apologised for the comments saying: “I deeply regret the words I used and am incredibly sorry. It was poor judgment and naivety on my part rather than words spoken with any malice. I am devastated that I have caused hurt and apologise profusely to both Mr and Mrs Munday.”

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