UKIP crisis: campaign chief labels Farage “snarling, aggressive man”

Disunity in UKIP grows after Farage’s electoral failure

Two days after Nigel Farage’s resignation was “unanimously rejected” by UKIP, it seems that his reinstatement wasn’t quite as unanimous as Farage would have you believe.

UKIP campaign chief and MEP Patrick O’Flynn said in an interview with the Times that Farage had become a “snarling, thin-skinned, aggressive man”, who risked turning the party into a “personality cult”.

He said that Farage was no longer a “cheerful, ebullient… daring” politician, and added that his recent behaviour could make the party seem like an “absolute monarchy”.

Farage’s aides were also singled out in the interview. O’Flynn described them as “inexperienced” and “aggressive”, and said they needed to be cleared out.

O'Flynn UKIP

UKIP MEP, economics spokesman and campaign leader Patrick O’Flynn

The damning assessment from the party’s senior campaign chief and economics spokesman comes amid other arguments within the party.

The trouble with Carswell

The party’s one elected MP, Douglas Carswell, has also crossed swords with Farage in a row over accepting £650,000 of public money available to the party, which Carswell says he doesn’t need.

Speaking on the Today programme yesterday, Carswell said: “There are one or two rather excitable staffers in UKIP who came up with a proposal that involved hiring 15 extra people. 

“I’m not an American senator. I doubt that even Ed Miliband when he was leader of the opposition would have had 15 staff in his office.”

Earlier this week, Carswell declined to comment on Farage’s reinstatement as leader. And during a meeting yesterday, the two failed to resolve their differences.

There is now doubt over Carswell’s loyalty to the party, with bookies shortening the odds on whether he’ll remain a UKIP candidate at the next election.

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