Two thirds (including HALF of Tory voters) have turned against big business

Voters think big business is a bigger threat than unions

Voters are more likely to support a political party which is tough on big business, according to a poll.

Only 13% of voters said trade unions were a bigger threat than conduct of big business in the survey carried out by Populus for the Financial Times.

It found half of more than 4,000 people thought it was the other way round.

Around 50% of Tory supporters said they would be more likely to support a political party if it were tough on big business, compared with 63% of Lib Dems, 67% of Ukip supporters and 72% of Labour backers.

Public trust was highest for supermarkets and, perhaps surprisingly, airlines and train operators. Voters least trusted companies involved in payday loans, tobacco, energy, media and financial services.

The FT suggested companies would be vulnerable to political attack and intervention at the next general election, just one year away.


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