Tory MP Michael Fabricant slammed for tweeting he would "punch Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the throat"

Mike Fabricant had a foot-in-mouth moment today after tweeting that he would “end up punching” journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown “in the throat” if he ever had to appear on a discussion programme with her.


Twitter was abuzz condemning Fabricant’s tweets:






Fabricant’s tweets came in response to Alibhai-Brown’s heated debate with Spectator columnist Rod Liddle over race, religion and British values.

Alibhai-Brown told Liddle yesterday: “I have no words for how much I loathe you.” In turn, Liddle branded Alibhai-Brown as a “faux liberal leftie only concerned with her own economic self-interest”.

In the end, Fabricant bowed down to pressure from Twitter and apologised to Alibhai-Brown.



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